August Update

So I have a bunch more stuff to update my portfolio with – notably I just started doing custom Twitter backgrounds. Here are three I’ve done so far –!/TiffysSweetSpot!/ThorpusMagnus

and my own-!/Benj_Thorpe

More new stuff

So I have been really busy since my last update so I’m just now getting a chance to add my latest work to my portfolio. New websites, new print work and logos and lots more. Check out my new stuff on my portfolio pages.

And I’m in the process of moving the site over to – which will be my new domain.


Just added some new stuff to the Portfolio and I have more stuff I’ve been working on in InDesign I need to convert over to jpegs. Also preparing some new websites, taking photos of some business sets and doing artwork for Daniel Harrison’s CD. Also a current client in opening her store in the mall soon, I’m doing all her labels and cards and water bottles and gift vouchers and business cards and shipping labels and everything so I’ll get that stuff up here soon. My wife is getting her cookie business up and running so I will have pictures of her business cards and stuff up here soon.


I have just updated my online portfolio with some new pieces. Check back regularly for my most recent work.


My name is Benjamin Thorpe and I’m an Artist and Designer among other things. This is my website featuring my résumé, links to my online portfolio of print design work, logos, ads, and animations.

If you like what you see and are interested in having me create some awesome graphics for you, shoot me an email to


You can now view my profile on LinkedIn